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What is Yify torrents?

Yify torrents is a top movie release group founded in 2010 know for their top quality movie releases. They release movies in 720p, 1080p and blue ray formats with minimum foot print. Today they are synonymous with quality movie releases. It has a great movie search functionality where users can search for movies based on year of release, imdb rating, quality and plethora of filters. Currently the have around 10 staff members. One the striking features is their simplicity in design and ease of search. They also maintain the popcorn time app which streams videos as you download, the pirate’s netflix. Most of their torrents have healthy seeders and one can start watching movies right away. Yify torrents have been taken down and owner arrested. Currently another group is carrying on the work in the name of “yts.am” or “yts.ag”

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